The Lonely Astronaut v2

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I didn’t have much time to be nostalgic before I knew I had to get out of that asteroid storm. Things went from bad to worse when smaller asteroids started pelting my ship. I flew it as fast as I could, but it still sustained some damage.

My poor rocket ship. My ship and I have been through so much. I don’t know what I’ll do if something goes wrong with it. How would I return home or find more of my people? Hopefully I’ll be able to land on one of the nearby planets so I can begin repairs soon.

Max 2 Per Person 

Limited Edition Morale Patch - 100 Made 
Velcro Backing 
Numbered Art Cards 
Matching Sticker Included*
4" Round

**40 random orders will include a bonus patch.

*All stickers have a matte finish, and are weatherproof and UV-resistant when applied to a smooth, clean, and dry surface.