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The Lonely Astronaut v3

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I launched my ship about a week ago and since then, I’ve been drifting around in space. Out here, with no one around, it can be pretty lonely. It’s just too quiet. So I’ve been trying to find a new hobby. Something to keep me from going insane. But what is there to do in a rocket ship lightyears from everything you know and love?

First, I fashioned myself a racket out of some old canvas sails and tried to play tennis by myself. After losing yet another ball off the edge of the ship, I retired that idea. I tried rereading books from my library, but I’ve read them all so many times before that I couldn’t keep my eyes open. And so I’m stuck. I want to do something creative and colorful, I’m just not sure what yet...


Max 2 Per Person 

Limited Edition Morale Patch - 100 Made 
Velcro Backing 
Numbered Art Cards 
Matching Sticker Included*
4" Round

**30 random orders will include a bonus patch.
**25 orders will receive a holographic sticker instead of a matte**

*All stickers have a matte finish, and are weatherproof and UV-resistant when applied to a smooth, clean, and dry surface.

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