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When I was a kid, every winter, my parents would take us up to the mountains. My mom and sister would sit in the lodge drinking hot chocolate while Dad and I would hit the slopes. Skiing was his sport of choice. I loved the wind against my face and the bright snow as far as I could see, but there was just something missing.

One year, I tried something new: snowboarding. That was it. That was my sport. And so when we arrived at the mountain the next time, my mom and sister went straight to the lodge, my dad went one direction, and I went mine. I felt bad for abandoning Dad on his silly little ski slopes, but I was excited for bigger jumps, faster speeds. And at the end of the day, there he was, waiting for me at the end of my final run. When I skidded to a stop in front of him, I felt terrible for not spending more time with him that day. He smiled, wrapped me in a hug, and told me something I’ll never forget: “Son, never be sorry for doing what you love. That’s exactly what the world needs more of.”

Max 2 Per Person 
Limited Edition Morale Patch - 100 Made 
Velcro Backing 
Numbered Art Cards 
Matching Sticker Included 
30 Bonus patches being distributed across orders