Hail Hydra RE Set

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Limit 2 sets per person per maker

In collaboration with Marc Frazee of Patch Ronomicon

150 sets. 75 of each colorway. Split between both makers.
Each set includes 2 matching hydra ranger eyes and 1 hail hydra ranger eye.
Sets will be random, if you buy 2 sets you will receive both colorways.

Keep an eye out for tickets in your mailer!
Buy 1 set, get 1 ticket. Buy 2 sets, get 3 tickets.

Each maker will draw 2 tickets to win a leather hydra set [1 round and 1 hail hydra] on July 1st, in their respective groups. We will post the winning ticket #'s throughout social media for max awareness. (For a total of 4 winners)

*Winners have 72 hours to come forward after announcing, if we haven't heard from you after 72 hours we will redraw, this process will repeat until we have all our winners.*
*We will cover USA shipping for the leathers, international winners will be responsible for all shipping costs*
*One person may win multiple times with different ticket numbers*