"Don't Be a Cunt" Lasercut

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If there is any rule more fitting for the patch community, I'm not sure what it would be.

Don't be a Cunt!

No Limit Per Person

These LaserCuts come in a variety of patterns and will be randomly selected. We will not accept requests for specific pattern combos.

Multicam Black w/ Red Stitch
Black w/ Orange Stitch
Pencott w/ Brown Stitch
Fall Camo w/ Orange Stitch
Skulls w/ Red Stitch
Black & White Burst w/ Red Stitch
OG Camo w/ Brown Stitch

Also Featured:
Green Glow, Red Glow, Blue Glow, & American Flag
*These lasercuts are all made by us in house, and will ship within 5-7 business days after ordering* 

**This patch is not a part of the Station707 collection**
***This patch is not a limited edition product, but will not always be available.***