Artisan Pocket Watch with Gift Box

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These beautiful time pieces are crafted individually by us here at Station707. These are custom laser-etched and hand assembled. They feature an engraved galactic background, with hands that are manually movable. Every single piece is unique.

Includes an elegant black gift box, individually engraved on the top with unique numbering.

This is NOT a toy.  Please treat with care.

1 Max Per Household
45 Pocket Watches Made
(10 with wooden boxes, 35 with black gift boxes)
Velcro Backing
Pocket Watch Size 3" wide x 3.9" tall
Gift Box Size 3.5" wide x 5.5" tall

Please place this item indoors.  Long exposure outdoors or in vehicles may compromise the integrity of the glue.  We've had it tested in the long summers of Arizona without issue, but cannot guarantee results. 

Every wood piece has its own characteristics and will be different from one another. For example, some will be darker or lighter, and almost all will have some sort of grain differentiation.

Please be gentle and handle wood products with care. Wood does break.

If you have a wooden patch that has a strong hold on a patch mat, we recommend sliding a credit card or another thin object behind the patch to break the velcro hold.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us before making a purchase. Thank you.