So you've received a Station707 token?

Here's the deal...

This token may be returned to Station707 in exchange for one (1) pre-in on a drop of 75 quantity made or more (excluding collabs).

You may redeem your token anytime after the patch announcement, but it must be at least 24 hours before the scheduled drop.

To redeem: E-mail us at to arrange shipping the token back to us.  Upon receipt of tracking we will provide a password for your pre-drop!

*A maximum of 5 tokens can be redeemed on a single drop, so be certain if you want to use your token to reach out as soon as possible!*
**Tokens are non-transferable and the early in offer only applies to the person that directly receives a token from Station707.**

Thank you for all you do for the community, we here at Station707 appreciate you!